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Feedback and Comments

on the website and 4EPR Approach

MESSAGE: There are lots of valuable ideas here. I suggest that all these ideas and more be consolidated onto a book and published. In this way the future website will be used as a means to direct potential readers to the book, where then it will be easier to focus on the implementations of the plans discussed on this website.
Thank you!

Toronto, Oct 27, 2013


REPLY: Thanks for the comment.  The book is a working reference book.  It will be widely distributed whenever the demand level is risen to a feasible level.  Bantyehun



MESSAGE:  Your web site looks great and has so many ideas. It is well executed and properly displayed to get attention. The challenges of our people is properly documented and the way to get around in solving them is mentioned. I congratulate you for your effort in pointing out the challenges and your suggestions to solve them. We will do our part to promote the page and let people be part of 4EPR. Great job!

Toronto, Canada

MESSAGE:  Hi Bantyehun, I must congratulate you for having such a vision and making all the efforts in pursing the journey for executing such a task. it's vision like yours that Built the most powerful Countries on this Planet to Date, it all started with a Vision. Those among us and around us who are benefitting greatly on the Backs of the helpless, Poor, the unawareness , uneducated and the Visionless for self interest and the interest of their Society, will give you a hard time when executing your Plan. They always like the idea when people are in these conditions and making sure they stay in it as long as possible. Don't let their influence detract of discourages the fulfillment of your Vision. My advice to you is making sure you have in you plan a method of managing those obstacles if and when they appeared. Regards; Ayelee

Thank you!

 Ayelee Clarke, Toronto, Canada

MESSAGE: I really appreciate your courage and determination to help your country; this I saw with your annual student research fund in our university, Debre Markos University. ..... Thus, feeling pleased for getting such a determined figure to initiate Ethiopians for Ethiopians, I am willing to help you in giving trainings to my accord. I wish you all the best.

Debre Markos University, Ethiopia


MESSAGE: Thank you, Bantyehun.  This looks interesting.  I will have a closer look and chat with you.  I will also shared it with others.

Toronto, Canada


MESSAGE:  I really wanna congrats you for developing 4EPR website. We lack such scientifically articulated comprehensive development tools for Ethiopia especially in a local language. Your great job is a pioneer information resource communicating 4EPR. I shared the website to my friends and I will keep sharing my idea. Everybody needs to do a fair share to share the information. By doing so, hope your big development vision will come true.

University of Alberta, Canada


MESSAGE: I visited the website 4EPR, it sounds meaningful and suitable strategy.. I greatly appreciate your effort and dedication. ..

Thank you!

Toronto, Canada


MESSAGE: Hi Bantyehun, congratulation for all your effort and hard work to make a difference in people life specially in our land Ethiopia. The Mission is great and Hope others also stand beside you to reach the goal. I am happy to help and participet for anything you need. My field is a technician for computers Hardware. Cheers, Gez

Thank you!

Toronto, Canada

MESSAGE: Thank you for your visionery Presentation! I believe the two quotes can express our scenario viz <hybernation is not a solution> and <"if you wait for the perfect condition, you will never get anything done">With this i just want to know what can i help?

Endalamaw Aragie

School of civil and water resource Engineering,Institute of Technology,Bahir Dar University


REPLY: Thanks Endalemaw.

It is with people like you in mind we set the 20 year target for all our people to reach a high/complete standard of living throughout the country.  You have already started the first step of being part of 4epr - sharing the information with friends and family and sending uplifting comment (I will post your quotations from your e-mail on the website).  More action suggestions are posted under the actions or tegebaroch page.  More importantly, try raising the main ideas with the common people, kids and adults and ask them to write poems, songs to raise awareness.  I will post some videos and related material in the days ahead.

Keep the info coming - we will definitely reach the goals. 4EPR



MESSAGE: : Dear Sir, thank you for your pioneering initiative bringing our country to a better stand tomorrow. I am not sure how achievable your missions are in the coming two decade (if I am not mistaken pls?). In anyway, I am glad to find someone who has already commenced the journey towards my future and life time plan! I personally would love to take part in your programs, whatever sector it could be. My most favorite and professional sectors can, however, be the health sector, animal production sectors, research and strategic planning or program leaderships. The new generation (children) is my most focused group of intervention pls. Optimism is also my second religion! Let me know how I can even talk to you in person.

Thank you! Long live!


REPLY:  Selam Netsanet,Thanks for your feedback, encouraging e-mail coming forward to be part of 4epr. You are in the right field that touches the major focus group - health and strategic actions on rural development. Some initial action items are posted under the actions or tegbaroch page - start with awareness raising of children and adults that you have easy access, more concrete and immediate actionable areas will be posted in subsequent days and weeks. If China is aiming to get 300 million people out of poverty in 2 decades, I think we can do that for one forth of their target if we cooperate.4epr also belongs to your second religion as your name says it all.

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