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Engineered Productivity Revitalization 

Education, Economy and Environment are the three big issues that are dividing and polarizing the world. When they are handled properly, the world can become sustainable, peaceful and safe to its occupants now and into the future. When mishandled or neglected to uniformly reach its occupants, each one of them are potential explosives that can explode at any place and at any time causing chain reaction that can be disturbing the whole world.

In countries and parts of the world where all the three are given proper consideration, they  continue to have better health, peace and enjoyable life for both the current and future generations. However, since the world is interconnected any infractions on education, economy or the environment anywhere spills over to other countries and gradually affecting the whole world. 


4EPR is a comprehensive approach for expediting development in the developing countries for creating an improved standard of living while protecting the environment. It is geared to set the course on the ideal, comprehensive and sustainable path. It will benefit the whole world in a number of ways:

  1. Enabling people emerge out of suffering and poverty on their own

  2. Enable people to prepare themselves to circumvent catastrophic effects on natural events.

  3. Participate in creating prosperous, happy and peaceful societies that are living in harmony without wars and aggressions over each other.

  4. Protect the ecosystem - the environment and all kinds of plant and animal species for all people to enjoy now and for future generations.

  5. Unlocking potential talent from the reins of poverty to partake in solving world problems.


Through awareness, fast tracked and graduated training people can transform themselves into higher productivity in diversified economic sectors. 



In countries where education and economy are handled properly, there is peace and enjoyable life but the mishandling of the environment is affecting people’s health, affecting the ecosystem at home and the whole world. In developed countries the education and economy are handled well and the overall standard of living is high.  People lead healthy, peaceful and enjoyable life. In many of these developed countries the environment has been neglected for a long time. The amount of pollution that is generated, particularly the green house gas emission is causing climate change that is affecting the whole world.  


In countries where either education or economy or both are mishandled, there is suffering, lack of peace, flare-up of catastrophic events and disasters every so often with horrible tragedies in different forms.


In countries where there is huge natural resource but no universal education, the wealth coming out of the natural resources is not uniformly distributed to all the people. There is always a struggle for the control of power and the wealth.  Wealth plays a major role creating policed peace.


The mishandling of education and economy almost always leads to the mishandling of the ecosystem causing accelerated damage to the countries and contributing to the environmental deterioration that is affecting the shared planet.  These disasters cannot be confined to the countries and their surrounding regions; they usually spread to the rest of the world in different ways.

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