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A comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Development
and Peace


4EPR website provides a  set of integrated tools for achieving sustainable development and peace. 

4EPR approach identifies the root causes of most issues affecting society and presents

practical solutions for highly rewarding results.

Peace Water Happiness Awareness Love  
For Engaging People in Innovative Leap 


Lead Engage Act Participate

We must LEAP out of the broad challenges in innovative ways

Lead is for establishing the destination. Concretely

setting the steps and destination in parallel timelines 

for inclusive improvement in people's lives. It is for

achieving timed targets and plotting path ideas for 

people to build on and execute with passion.

Engage is for raising awareness for people to own the

the programs, the work demands, and the pay-offs with

a clear understanding of their needs. It is for creating 

conviction to overcome roadblocks and change their

way of thinking into we can achieve it mindset.

Act: is for executing the programs in earnest fully

convinced to earn the benefits despite frustration, 

discouraging and tolling unforeseen circumstances.

Participate: is for open and unreserved involvement

in the whole process from inception to benefit



Fast-tracked hands-on skill transfer applied in 

  • building new planned complete cities and infrastructures,

  • harvesting water and energy.

These create jobs, stimulate the economy, lift earnings, and solve problems. 

Resources planned to patch each existing city

can be redirected to build up to five new cities.

Stunting of children is the most dangerous and urgent problem for Ethiopia. According to Ethiopian Gov and UN reports 38% of Ethiopian children are growing stunted - lacking full development of their minds and bodies. It means the country's next generation could be non-productive. More


ETHIOPIA the water tower country in Africa with one trillion cubic meters of rainfall every average year must not have water-related problems. We can mobilize the country and solve WATER with shovels, hoes, and available tools. 

The 4EPR team works with the Country's leaders and institutions to engage people for productive and sustainable growth. Solving water shortages and raising awareness are the first actions for creating engagement.


  • For expanding the current changes in the country into broader economic gains in all peoples’ lives.

  • Raising peoples’ awareness to collectively map the way into an improved standard of living for all.

  • For modifying the education system that is keeping people unemployed into practical learning testing and applying on real-life needs for instant application.

  • For expedited transitioning of people from predominantly subsistence agriculture into vibrant and diversified economic systems.

  • For moving people out of horrible conditions in thatched-roof homes and sharing water with animals into safe clean zero-energy using sustainable homes and brighter lives.

  • For raising training systems beyond STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) into practical desirable and viable actions working with people.

  • For growing the national economy of over a hundred million people country into Trillions of dollars value by engaging millions of poorly deployed resources in efficient and sustainable production systems.

Ethiopian People are determined to stand for a better life - 4EPR Shows

to How to Get There

Ethiopian people can pull out of poverty and associated ills, such as hunger,   unemployment, suffering from preventable diseases, and threats of cyclical famine through united action. These ills of poverty are the root causes of the continuing unrest and lack of peace.

The political shades such as tribal, ethnic, and religious conflicts are manifestations of poverty and greed. Poverty will continue unless fundamental changes that address all the above issues are addressed. This website presents concrete ideas on how to go about solving problems across the country. The website and the accompanying book present the historical root causes of the crisis, set actionable and tangible goals, and outline the steps on how to get universal engagement for achieving sustainable change and reaching the goals in a few years. LEAP innovation, using DEPICT tools is designed to empower people to lift themselves. Disrupt Engage Paradigm-shift Innovate Create-value Transform.



LEAP is about a series of doable, feasible and affordable economic and social reforms that must be triggered to reach every citizen concurrently across the country.

LEAP is required to open doors for millions of unemployed graduates and youth; to save stunting children; to relieve our crowded cities from continuing to be under siege; to engage the population to emerge into high productivity programs. The leaps are required to sustain the momentum of change in the country and to bring socio-economic upheavals.

Peace Water Happiness Awareness and Love (PWHAL) are the means and destination
PWHAL is an immediate priority for Ethiopians to get out of the current crises and to leap into their destiny. Water is the most abundant as rain if captured and saved as surface water of lakes throughout the country. Lakes create opportunities for peace happiness and love.
Let's use it to advance SDGs
  • The 4EPR approach is the most practical and expedient way of achieving the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights Article 25(1) for millions of rural people and others living anywhere:
  • Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing medical care, and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25(1)

National conditions and resources along with anxious people are 
opportunities for Innovation
Lets work together with all people 

4EPR book is available
in Amharic and English

The Amharic book was discussed at Addis Ababa University. To watch four videos of the discussion in Amharic  language click the links below:-

PART 1 VIDEO : Introduction & Review

PART 2 VIDEO : Melesse Tegegne's Review

PART 3 VIDEO : Bantyehun's Overview

PART 4 VIDEO : Questions and Answers



Innovation is intersection of Consumer Desire, Technical Feasibility and Business Viability   
 Million People March
Addis Ababa 23/06/2018
Achieving Progress Near   
Stunting-Facts (2).jpg

People have a great opportunity to solve their problems with their own means starting from basic needs.

Priority one: engage people to create water abundance converting rainfall into a year-round water supply. This can be done by harvesting rainfall for year-round use. Abundant water in all parts of the country lifts productivity in all economic sectors, with many opportunities for the unemployed and under-employed.

Ethiopians united will emerge out of the current and future crises in few years

Mobilized People Create Lakes


It is time for communities to come together and solve their primary needs rain flood threats into continuous water supplies. Experts, youth, locals, and others can collaborate to build ponds and artificial lakes as renewable water supplies for all their needs. Fresh clean water for every home and workplace vital need for a year-round harvest, to diversify the economy, and to create jobs for millions.  

Change that engages People in High Productivity tasks is the only way to sustainable happy life 
People move into high productivity tasks when they collaborate in doing things together like in cluster farming and in cluster industries. Engaged people can build their common essential infrastructures like water supplies, power supplies, roads, schools, health centres and multidewelling homes with collective human labour and by pulling their complementary resources. Increased productivity is the lever that attracts new tools, processes, investments and technology for accelerated growth and leap change. Experts evolve through dedicated work-training with conviction to a happy complete fulfilled life.     

Ethiopia's external debt at 248 USD per person is less risky and attractive for investors who trust the country's resource potential. 31B USD for 125 million people can be paid out in a few weeks if resources are deployed to generate 10x+. Productivity with engagement is the solution.

Every person can make 10 times with better tools for better life 

These work styles

must be changed 

Stop Soil Erosion

  • In Ethiopia fertile top soil is washed away in Billions of tons each year without people noticing the damage.
  • “Ethiopia is more than 50% highland, and 60% of the people live in the mountains where the soil is more susceptible to erosion and degradation. Erosion is caused by people who’ve been forced to encroach into the forests and onto the steep slopes for cultivation due to high population density. This erosion leads to annual loses of 1.9 billion tons of soil. And it’s believed that 27 million hectares of Ethiopian land have already eroded.  Read More
4EPR Presentation sessions at Ethiopian Universities had resounding feedback

Thank you for your pioneering initiative bringing our country to a better stand tomorrow.


4EPR is the Tool for Meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Thank you for your pioneering initiative bringing our country to a better stand tomorrow.





The mission of 4EPR is to help people transition themselves to a stage where everyone has the awareness, the education, the capability and the opportunity to earn a sustainable and improved standard of living through the application of productivity revitalization programs and tools.



The five major 4EPR programs for improving productivity are:

  1. raise awareness or educate fast track training.

  2. urbanization - build sharing communities

  3. industrialize and diversify economy

  4. modernizing agriculture, and economy

  5. managing the environment.


4EPR approach shows the processes and the working steps on how different regions in a country can concurrently apply the programs.



To build a fully functional country that provides its people a good standard of living, healthy, enjoyable and peaceful life. The goals will be achieved through all peoples' full engagement and multi-fold increase in productivity in a diversified sustainable social and economic system within a period of 20 years. 




Year Established

1.5 m

Followers &





Productivity Improvement solves Poverty and Brings Peace

 FROM this

Low Productivity means not enough or no surplus

People are Poor

Poverty and Scarcity leads to struggle for control and Power

Power control leads

to Race wars

Idelogical wars

Religious wars

Resources used for military and security taking away from development 

TO this

High Productivity means more output or surplus 

People produce enough

Prosperity or no-scarcity leads to peace no control of Power

People care less about Power control leads to

social harmony of races and religions 

Resources used for more development and less for security and military 


90% of a country's economic activity occurs within its boarders.  In other words, for every product and service produced in a country, 90% of the consumers are in the country.  Demand and supply grow together. Therefore, if productivity of the people rises in every sector, people will earn more and spend more for all the goods and services to lead a better standard of living and the  economy grows.



How can we pay for them to boost productivity?

We buy and bring in the tools and technology to produce more, build more and improve lives and standard of living. Once we have plenty of food and beautiful facilities, we invite the world for good time. We host them, treat them and feed them in beautiful hotels, restaurants, resorts and entertainment venues.  The money they bring for the good time will pay all the debt spend on technology and tools.  Win-Win without aid money. 


Educationally  |   Economically  |   Environmentally  |   Engineered






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