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4EPR Environmental Management Initiatives


The Environmental management programs are urgently required to stop the accelerated environmental degradation that is not only affecting the local population but also having a cumulative effect on the whole world. Deforestation, severe and growing erosion, devastation of land cover are increasing green house gas emissions and rapid extinction of wildlife. The programs are directed at protecting the land cover from further depletion and rejuvenating it whenever possible. Environmental Management Initiatives have immediate, short-term and long-term impact on the lives of people and the sustainability of the planet. In the Ethiopian case the key target priorities for the 4EPR environmental initiatives are intended as concrete actions to the following issues.

  • Reverse Social & Economical Damages

  • Reverse direct environmental effects on the country and the planet

Social and Economical Damages

  • Millions of children and adults die every year due to waterborne diseases. With proper use of clean water there will be an immediate impact reducing the death rate.

  • Millions of tons of fertile soil is washed away every year due to improper land use.  More land is getting barren not supporting vegetation and becoming desert every year.  With proper handling of the land, erosion can be stopped. 

  • Deforestation or cutting down trees for firewood and for expanded farming without reforestation is taking away the carbon sink and worsening the greenhouse gas emission.  Deforestation's' environmental impact in the world today is twice that of transportation emission, which is 16% of the total emission.

Deforestation creates more green house gas

and global warming than transportation and industries combined in the entire world

  • Over 80 million people in Ethiopia use wood for cooking their food in large part cutting down the forest with fewer reforestation taking place. As the land is exposed to severe weather variations such as scorching day heat, cold night temperatures, gusty wind followed by torrential heavy rains, the top fertile soil gets washed away creating barren land.  Transitioning people to alternate renewable energy sources will reduce global warming. 

  • In the integrated educationally, economically, enviromentally engineered productivity revitalization  or 4EPR approach, enviromental management is a high priority item because of its continued impact on peoples' lives.   It must also be factored in making decisions in all developmental programs.

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