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Multiple Channels of Effective Education

The education program in the 4EPR approach has three aims: raising the awareness of millions of people all over the country about new opportunities in diversified economic activities, providing practical and fast tracked skills to the workforce for responding to the immediate needs and for preparing the people for future requirements. Every human being has an inherent creativity and in many cases unique talent that an education program can help unlock.  The main objective of the education program is to unlock peoples’ creativity through the application of multiple channels according to the needs in order to enable them increase their productivity and lead a better life.

All people need is awareness and training to stand on their own not material aid

If aware they will wish, dream, aspire,

plan and work to earn a better life

Three Channels of Effective Education

Raising peoples' awareness about the possibilities and opportunities they can reach if they embrace and become part of 4EPR like programs. Help them wish, dream, aspire, plan and work to earn a better life and transition themselves from receivers to be donors. Provide Fast tracked skills training to enable them operate tools, machinery, work in factories, construction work and modernized agriculture. This allows them to increase their productivity multiply their earnings. 


Creating education opportunities to everyone using the modern tools and processes to partake in the sharing of knowledge  This will unlock the creativity of millions of children and people of all ages to become part ot the global effort in creating and continuing a sustainable, peaceful, enjoyable and safe universe.


Create opportunities for advanced learning, research and innovation.  


Everyone can earn  good, safe, healthy and peaceful life if they get knowledge on how to manage the resources around them. 

Awareness & education are the first steps.

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