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The mission of 4EPR is to help people transition to a stage where everyone has the awareness


4EPR is about education, raising awareness and bringing an economic movement


Education (awareness), Economy and Environment are the three big issues

The mission of 4EPR is to help people transition themselves to a stage where everyone has the awareness, the education, the capability and the opportunity to earn a sustainable and improved standard of living through the application of productivity revitalization programs and tools.


The main objectives of developing this web site and associated material are:-

 1  To raise peoples' awareness about the possibilities, tools, processes and programs people can use to improve their productivity and lead a better life on their own.  To help unlock the inherent creativity of every person enabling them to solve their own problems and become active participants in world stage. 


 2  To provide an alternate and parallel approach for ending poverty and human suffering in Ethiopia and enable people lead a better life. To provide a complete system for all people of Ethiopian origin and their friends all over the world to participate in profitable opportunities for themselves and their people, while achieving morale victory beating poverty and stopping environmental degradation.


 3  To circumvent the next cycle of human catastrophe due to natural events that affects mostly poor people, by enabling them increase their productivity and preparing them to withstand the threat when it happens.

 4   To cooperate with national and international efforts to stop environmental degradation arising out of improper farming and deforestation by providing viable and sustainable substitute alternatives.


 5   To engage enterprise funding sources to cooperatively participate in the multi-faceted integrated programs that provide benefits to every participant's genuine interests.

4EPR is about education, raising awareness and bringing an economic movement where all people have access to technology and modern production means to increase their productivity and effectively use their time and energy to emerge out of poverty.


There is a huge potential for development of resources, infrastructures and people; and more importantly a tremendous potential to make a double digit return on investment for many years in a row.


There is a lot of cash around the world seeking for genuine, high potential and high return investment opportunities anywhere in the world.  4EPR presents a number of these convincing opportunities for the world to confidently invest.


The investment opportunities are multi-faceted. In addition to garnering a huge return, it also allows:  investing in people and in the alleviation of poverty, and in the better protection and management of the environment  or in the regeneration of the ecosystem.


The pie can be made very big.  This means wealth can be created to make every genuine and working person wealthy and capable of earning enough to accomplish what they worked for. All it takes is to have a cooperative effort and unreserved participation in the 4EPR developmental programs and many others created along similar paths. 


The huge infighting for control of the meagre resources in poor communities will be history whenever everyone is producing multi-fold and the shadow of poverty and destitution is eliminated.  The world has been injecting hundreds of billions of dollars to save just few companies from collapse.  With detailed and genuine plans, with comprehensively flushed out measures, billions of dollars of investment or borrowed funds can be attracted and turned into multi-fold value.


In Ethiopia alone over 60 million people are spending their day working hard using rudimentary tools to make just $1/day.  If large scale investments are applied across the country in raising awareness and education, in diversified programs and in processes and tools for the people to use in multi-economic sectors, multi-fold rise in productivity will be achieved.  As a result people’s earning potential can improve up to $10/day (a small fraction of what people make in developed countries), over 10 times increase in people’s earnings. This kind of transformation not only can pay back all the loans in a short time but also pays a huge return to trusting investors.


This will mean an improvement in the standard of living of the people and a reliable way of wiping out poverty once and forever.  It also means better preparedness for dealing with the impact of severe draught whenever that happens.


This process will also create a completely independent, self-reliant and sustainable economy nation that can make diversified contributions to the world.


4EPR is about Let’s Urbanize, Let’s Industrialize and Let’s Modernize Agriculture and consequently invigorating all other economic and social sectors to bring about peaceful fundamental sustainable change. 


4EPR is an approach for transitioning people, who depend mainly on agriculture using outdated and never changing production systems, into diversified economic sectors with better production systems and for higher-earning opportunities.  This will lead them to a healthier, happier, peaceful and improved standard way of life. 

4EPR is a comprehensive approach for expediting development in Ethiopia through a broad range of interdependent programs. These programs are intended to be applied concurrently in all regions throughout the country to achieve: consistent, uniform, fair, engaging and synergistic results; and for creating an improved standard of living while protecting the environment. Through awareness, fast tracked and graduated training people can transform themselves into higher productivity in diversified economic sectors. 

Education (awareness), Economy and Environment are the three big issues that are dividing and polarizing the world. When they are handled properly, the world can become sustainable, peaceful and safe to its occupants now and into the future. 4EPR is an engineered system for clearly understanding the issues and their root causes and applying a multi-disciplinary and integrated set of solutions. Its main objectives are ending poverty, revitalizing stagnated economic system, and for enabling people to extract themselves from living under the shadow of catastrophic events in Ethiopia.  Read More


During the past twenty years many innovative, life changing and completely unimaginable achievements have been achieved in many parts of the world.  These achievements were made in different countries, in different fields and in previously unanticipated ways. 

With the dedicated engagement of the young population, with proper deployment of the natural resources, with comprehensive programs like the 4EPR and in cooperation with others from all over the world, people can reach the following ten goals within two decades if all the world community truly believe and invest in the programs. The total investment for 4EPR will not be as much as what was spent in Iraq or Afghanistan, but it will definitely transition 80 million Ethiopians into a better standard of living, curb environmental degradation, and also pay back all the investment with resonable rate of return and big thankyou.


  1. Every family lives in a modern home or apartment that has bed rooms, bath room, and kitchen complete with kitchen appliances like refrigerator and oven.  Water supplies, electricity and sanitation services are reliably and affordably provided to every home. They also have access to services such as food in groceries nearby for needed supplies.

  2. All capable people have work in diversified economic sectors that more than pays for their needs in their improved standard of living after all the necessary government taxes are paid and have savings for emergency and their retirement. The country has enough resources, well planned reserves and capabilities to deal with any unexpected natural challenges. 

  3. There is an efficient health care system that takes care of every person whenever they need it and not far from where they live. Other services such as entertainment centers, faith centers for religious practice, sports arenas, public parks and recreational areas are everywhere for the people to use during their leisure.

  4. Every school age child is going to school and getting the necessary education to be ready for the new and changing way of life.

  5. Transportation facilities and networks are being widely built allowing people to move from one place to the other within the cities, around the country or to travel abroad. 

  6. People have access to the latest in communication technology to communicate with each other, near and far and across the country, past its boarders and around the world. 

  7. The traditional enviable values of the society its culture and languages and faith diversity are practiced, accepted, encouraged and supported.  The society has turned around diversity from being a reason for division, fighting and annihilating each other, to an opportunity for unity, mutual support, wealth and cultural fulfillment that underlie everyone’s ultimate purpose – respect for identity.

  8. The government officials and all the people working for the government are professional, kind and provide fair, efficient and less bureaucratic services to the people. All people working for the government receive adequate compensation for their services in order to eliminate any temptations for corruption.

  9. The environment restoration is proceeding well with decreased deforestation, better protection of the flora and fauna and improved agricultural systems that stops erosion of the fertile land.

  10. The country has more forests, grasslands, clean rivers and lakes more than ever before.  The natural beauties of the country and the historical sites are attracting millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

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